Pero Law is a different kind of law firm.  Sure - every law firm says it, but we mean it.
Because we understand your needs as a business owner.

We specialize in what we're good at.  
We only focus on business law and health law issues.  

We think your time is valuable.  
We come to you - because time away from your office means lost opportunity.  We get it.  We work around the clock and we're available when you are: at your office, via telephone, or video conferencing - we leverage technology to maximize efficiency in ways much larger law firms cannot.

We've been around.  
We've worked in corporate America.  We've worked in healthcare.  We didn't go straight from college to law school (and that's an important distinction!) - we spent quite a few years in the trenches, and that makes a big difference in our approach to legal representation.  While some lawyers have never had to deal with the pressures of the "corporate world" such as declining sales or increased regulation, we have.  We don't sit in an ivory tower.  In fact, we think you're pretty smart too!  We believe you should be putting your profits toward further growth - not unnecessary legal fees.  (Honestly - if the cost of hiring a lawyer outweighs the profitability of a business venture, which path would you choose?)

We think you're important.
There are some big healthcare players in Hampton Roads.  They have large legal budgets and use the big law firms around here... and that's great.  What about everyone else?  We think Pero Law is a pretty awesome alternative to the traditional (crusty old) law firm.  We understand the value of a growing business and want to help you on your way to greatness.  We're nimble and dynamic, just like you.

We'd like to change your perception of what an attorney can do for you.  

Let us show you how Pero Law is different.  Call us today.